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Why Do Young People Feel The Need To Head To Nightclubs From An Emotional And Psychological Perspective?

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There is nothing better than the feeling of turning 18 and finally being old enough to head out on the town and hit the nightclubs. However, Melbourne’s young people have an absurd workweek that often starts on Sunday morning and basically never ends. So, this means that they often have the chance to go out, most nights of the week, and not always on Saturday nights. With most 18–24-year old’s undertaking casual or part-time work in sectors such as hospitality and retail, this comes as no surprise. 

You might be wondering why they would want to go out at all if they can’t often get out on a Saturday. It’s because going out on any night still brings the same emotional joy that going out on a Saturday brings. So, why do young people feel the need to head out to nightclubs? 

Well going out brings a slew of emotional and psychological benefits to young people. Firstly, we have the undeniable social aspect. Nightclubs allow not only socialisation with the group of friends you are out with, but you have the chance to meet new faces as well. We know that high levels of social interaction in young people lead to enhanced emotional health and overall better moods. 

Secondly, we get to dance. Dancing is not only an excellent form of aerobic exercise but also an unintentional workout most of the time, and many people enjoy it more than walking on a treadmill. A professor from the University of Cambridge, Dr Anas el-Turabi, said that dancing is also excellent for your mental health. Another great benefit of heading to a nightclub. 

Lastly, nightclubs offer high doses of mental stimulation, the whole atmosphere releases feel-good hormones. Our brains are stimulated by loud music, and the dark spaces help us discard our inhibitions and let loose.

Basically, from an emotional and psychological standpoint, we feel much happier when we go to nightclubs. Therefore, young people often feel the need to go to nightclubs when they go out.

Now, what are we supposed to do if we work Sunday morning? We can’t head to a nightclub on a Saturday night or risk being in a less than desirable state when we show up to work on Sunday. Well, this is where Lucky Thursdays have got you covered.

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Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Lucky Thursday’s also makes for a great event venue – there isn’t a party they can’t throw. So, what are you waiting for?

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