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Can exercise help with erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) happens when you are not able to maintain the erection. It is quite common in men of all age groups. The muscles that are essential in sustaining the erection lose strength or tone. It is found that the exercises could help to reverse ED. 

Risk factors and causes of ED are cardiovascular diseases, obesity, prostate cancer, and metabolic syndrome, low levels of physical activity, stroke, alcohol use, and smoking. The doctor might prescribe Cenforce 100 for treatment of ED. Lifestyle changes is quite effective for the treatment of ED. You must perform aerobic exercises for at least 6 months of duration. Exercise is quite important for blood vessels health. The doctor may also prescribe Fildena 100 as oral medication

Other treatments vs exercise

Treating erectile dysfunction causes has long-lasting outcomes as medicines offer short-term relief only. Moreover, some people find medicines quite ineffective for treating ED. People often find that the psychological factors are also accountable for ED. You can also opt for talking therapy with a certified psychologist. 

What kinds of exercises can support?

The exercises that toughen the muscle of the pelvic floor can lead to benefits in the person with ED. The force prevents blood to leave and make the erection. 

Kegel exercises to improve outcomes of erectile dysfunction

Kegels or pelvic floor exercises helps to improve the ED outcomes. These types of exercises are quite beneficial for the muscles- pubococcygeus at the pelvis bottom. It supports your pelvic organs as if this weak muscle is not able to prevent blood from flowing and maintain and do erection. If you do pelvic floor exercises then it will improve or strengthen the muscle. You must perform this exercise as your muscle will get strengthened in 4-6 weeks.

  1. Pelvic floor muscles- This type of exercise activates your pelvic muscles. Squeeze and exhale pelvic muscles facing at the ground with three counts. Inhale and then release with three counts. 
  2. Sitting exercise- Sit with your arms on the sides and flat feet on the ground. Keep your hip wide apart. Use the same technique as discussed above. You must make sure that buttocks, stomach, and leg muscles are not in contractions.
  3. Standing exercise- Stand straight with your arms on the sides and hip and feet wide apart. Follow the same technique as discussed above. You must make sure that leg muscles, stomach, and buttocks are not in contractions. 

Also, you can go to the doctor and the doctor can prescribe you Vidalista 20 as oral medication. 

  1. Knee Fallouts- It is a beginner exercise. You can lie down and bent your knees keeping feet flat on the ground and arms sideways. Keeping spine in the neutral posture and space between floor and back middle. Squeeze and exhale your muscles and keep down one knee on the ground. Release and inhale and bend your knee. Repeat the same with another one. Do 4 to 5 repeats. 
  2. Supine exercise- This is knee fallout with small movements. You can lie down with bent knees and flat feet on the ground with keeping your arms on the sides. Raise one foot from the ground, keeping the spine and pelvis still. Inhale and keep down your foot back on the floor. Now, repeat for another one. 
  3. Pelvic curl- Lie down on the floor and bent your knees, keeping feet flat on the floor. Keep the spine in the normal posture with a space between the ground and back. Tilt your pelvis and press the backbone flat. Now, lift the buttocks and push your heels on the ground. Squeeze your buttock and keep down the middle or lower back. With 3 breaths, squeeze your muscles and buttocks. You can perform this exercise three to four times regularly. 

Important points while performing the exercise

You must do these exercises at least 3-4 times a day. You can build your strength by practicing these exercises regularly.  Also, repeat these exercises up to 10 times at a time. If you will stop these exercises then the muscles will get weakened and erectile dysfunction will return. 

Other forms of exercises that can support you

Aerobic exercises can help to make your pelvic muscles strong. The exercise session must be from moderate to high and must be performed for 40 mins. The aerobic exercises are spin classes, cycling, rowing, boxing, skipping, and running..

Diet improvement

Weight loss and diet are essential aspects of ED prevention and treatment. People with erectile dysfunction are overweight and inactive. Alcohol also poses an important role in ED. The doctor will prescribe you Cenforce 100. You must follow dietary guidelines and limit the consumption of alcohol and foods with sugar, salt, and fat. These small steps help to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. These steps will also help to reduce the risk of metabolic disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disorder. All these disorders are directly linked to ED. 


The prescription of the doctor includes oral medicine like Vidalista 20, pelvic floor exercises, aerobic and diet. So, the exercises can help the person suffering from ED So, if you want to improve the outcomes of erectile dysfunction then you must take consultation with a certified and licensed doctor. The doctor will prescribe you Super P Force, a regimen of exercises, and a proper diet chart. You must follow his instructions with care.

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