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Explore What Vedic Astrology Says About The Favorable Day To Travel!

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Now a day’s travel is said to be a very common thing because of life of people. In today’s period of improvement of science and technology the life of people have get boost and due to this reason people have started to ignore the aspect of Vedic Astrology and due to this reason many people have started to get different kind of obstacles while they are in the journey. Many people consider these problems as just the part of luck but, all times this is not just the game of luck but,these can be the effects of the neglecting the aspects of Vedic astrology.

Astrology is said to be one of the most aged art of this whole world and not only this but, this art is also said to be most varied art of this society, and due to this reason it is said that this art of the astrology affects each and task of your life and this can be proved With this concept of the travelling and due to this reason, in this article you can know about the Vedic astrology’s some aspect about traveling which you should keep in mind before traveling.

Concept of ‘Day’ in Vedic Astrology:-

The Day’s plays very important role in this field of Vedic astrology because this Vedic astrology depends on the days it varies from day to day and due to this reason the day’s very vital role. And due to this reason it is being divided in different parameters to the base of Vedic Astrology. Which are provided below:-

  1. “vaar” – The Vaar is the first in this list which indicates the day.
  2. “Tithi” – The Tithi is the Second in this parameter which indicates the lunar date.
  3. “Naksthatras” – The Nakshatras is the third in this parameter which indicates the lunar constellations.
  4. “Yoga” – The Yoga is the forth which indicates the classifications as Auspicious or Inauspicious.
  5. “Karana” – The karana is the fifth which indicates the Semi or half a tithi.
  6. “Muhurat” – The Muhurat is the sixth which indicates that is this time is favorable to you or not on the base of the Punchang.

So, this was the different parameters of Vedic astrology which is based on time. And after the time the other aspect is said to be food which you should eat before you start your traveling are shown below:-

  • Curd
  • Milk
  • Fruits
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Ghee

It is said that when you start your journey with such kind of diet, then your journey can pass without any kind of problem. So, this was the things which can make your journey easy and successful, but,the masters have also shown that you should not start your journey when you see any of the following things:-

  • Bone
  • Cat
  • Jackal
  • Sound of Crying
  • Snake
  • Pig

It is said that all these things are having a negative effect over your life or things shows negativity and due to this reason when you see following things you should not start any kind of journey because, you can face different kind of problem or you could not accomplish your journey.

Importance of Days in the Context of Days:-

As, it is said that the art of the Vedic astrology is depended on the day and due to this reason it is said that each and every day is having their different effect on your travel and due to this reason astrology also provide you details regarding days and directions out of which some are provided below:-

  • On Monday you should start your journey from the South Direction only.
  • On Tuesday you can start your journey either from East or the South directions both are said to be preferable to travel.
  • On Wednesday you can travel from both East and West directions.
  • On Thursday you can start traveling from any direction except South direction.
  • On Friday you should start your travelling from the evening only.
  • It is said that on Saturday you should avoid any kind of travelling.
  • On Sunday you should start from East direction only.

And by following these details you can enjoy an easy and good journey and if you are not able to follow these details, then in order to save you from consequences astrology is also having a loop hole from which you can save yourself

  • You should eat sweet yogurt before any kind of travelling.
  • You should leave home after eating rice pudding.
  • You eat jaggery and then you should leave for any task.
  • You should first worship lord Ganesha and then leave for any journey.

By, following all these guidelines you can save yourself from different kind of consequences. So, if you want more details then you should instantly concern to Astrologer in Ahmedabad because, he is one of the most knowledgeable astrologer according to our survey of 2021.

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