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The Importance Of Renting A Tent To Organize A Party Outside

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The Importance Of Renting A Tent to Organize a Party Outside begins by imagining the type of party you want to host. Then you should share this vision with the company that rents the tents. Your vision should still shine through when the logistics are taken care of. You will also want to discuss all of the important details with the company that rents the tents.


When preparing the budget for organizing a party outside, one must first consider the cost of renting a tent. While most rental companies offer tables and chairs, some also offer additional features such as a dance floor, a stage, and tablecloths and dishes. A written quote will include all costs, including taxes and deposits. Some companies may want to see the site of the party before offering a quote, so they charge a site visit fee that is deducted from the overall price.

Once you have estimated the amount of guests you will be inviting, the next step is to decide the type of tent to rent. Generally, you should opt for square tents, as they tend to have higher ceilings. Furthermore, square tents will make it easier to include all your guests. There are many types of tents available, including pole tents and frame tents. The type you choose will depend on the space logistics and aesthetics of the party. Finally, consider your budget to buy tent from teltudlejning.

When planning a party outside, consider the amount of guests you expect. Tent rental companies will charge differently based on the size of the tent you need. However, remember that the most popular months to rent a tent are mid-March to mid-July and mid-September to mid-October. Therefore, it’s important to reserve the tent well in advance and pay a holding fee if you plan to organize the event during these months.

In addition to the size, consider the lighting, heater, and additional features. These will all add to the overall cost of renting a tent for an outdoor party. Some rental companies offer additional accessories for a small additional fee. Depending on your needs, you can add lighting, side walls, A/C, and heating for an extra fee. Once you decide on the type of tent, you’ll be prepared for your party.


When deciding on the size of a tent for organizing a party outdoors, consider the number of guests. The larger the event, the larger the tent must be. An expert can advise you on the correct size of a tent. The area that you need for the tables, chairs, and buffet tables should be approximately 10 square feet each. For an average-sized party, you can afford to have ten or twelve square feet of table space per person.

For the tables, you can choose 60-inch round tables or 48-inch round tables to seat six to eight people. A larger tent can hold up to eight tables or six foot rectangle tables for six. A square tent can hold more guests, but will likely be more expensive. Also, consider whether you plan to provide tent seating or have chairs. If the party is for adults, a large table will be more comfortable for the guests. Do hurry to buy tent from teltudlejning københavn. 

Another consideration is the lighting. If you plan to hold an evening event, stage lighting mounted to the tent frame is a good choice. This kind of lighting will not only be stylish and elegant but will also last longer. Some people have used Christmas lights as a substitute for stage lighting, but these require ten times the amount of lights. Moreover, you must remove the lights before the tent company comes to collect it.

Permit requirements

Organizing a party or sporting event outdoors is possible, but you need to rent a tent and obtain a permit to do so. Depending on your event, there may be a permit bond and specific requirements. If you’re hosting an outdoor event on public property, your bond should cover cleanup costs and damage to property. Tents and other structures larger than 400 square feet need a separate permit. You should also submit a traffic control plan sealed by a professional engineer.

There are some restrictions, however. Most cities require a permit if you’re renting a tent or are planning to have a large event. If you’re planning a small backyard party, you don’t need a permit. If you’re renting a large canopy, you’ll need a permit, and there are many types available. Luckily, the Teltudlejning Company can handle the paperwork and get you the permit you need.

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