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Best Endodontics Clinic in Singapore – Where can I find them?

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Your regular dentist may tell you to see an endodontist if you are in a lot of pain from a tooth or if you recently hurt your mouth in a way that could have hurt the pulp or roots of a tooth.

An endodontist is a dentist with a lot of extra training and specializes in finding the cause of tooth pain and treating it.

Endodontists are dentists who focus on diagnosing and treating complex dental problems, especially those that affect the pulp, nerves, soft tissues, and tissues in the root canal.

They give the best dental care possible through extensive training, different techniques, and the most cutting-edge technology available. This makes it easier and more comfortable for the patient to get care.

The main goal of an endodontist is to keep natural teeth, smiles, and the way the mouth works. In this post, we share our understanding of an endodontics clinic and how to choose the best Endodontics Clinic in Singapore. 

What is Endodontics Clinic? 

At the Endodontics Clinic, people can get root canal treatment, which can be done without surgery or with surgery. 

These therapy types aim to ease both the inflammation and the infection in the pulpal tissue.

The infected or swollen pulpal tissue is removed during root canal treatment. The procedure is done when the canal system has been cleaned, disinfected, filled, and put back together.

Patients with problems with a tooth that has already been treated for endodontics can choose from several different treatment options. Among these choices is a root canal retreatment that does not require surgery and a treatment that does require surgery.

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies and treats pain caused by the teeth. It is a subspecialty of dentistry, and most of the time, it requires either apical surgery or root canal therapy.

What’s the difference between an endodontist and a general dentist?

Endodontists and regular dentists are both professionals in the field of dental care. Even though every endodontist is also a dentist, only about 3% of dentists choose to focus on endodontics as a speciality.

Endodontists have to do two or more years of extra training after they graduate from dental school, which is longer than regular dentists. 

This extra training focuses on how to find the cause of tooth pain and how to treat it, as well as other problems with the inside of the tooth.

What procedures does an endodontist perform?

Your teeth are an important part of your body because you use them daily to cut and chew food. Thanks to advances in technology and medicine, there are many ways to fix broken teeth.

Since this is the case, you must learn about and understand the different treatment options to figure out how they will affect your dental health in the long run. An endodontist is a type of dentist who can do the following procedures:

Root canals/Root canal therapy

A root canal procedure will be needed if the pulp inside the tooth gets inflamed or infected.

During the endodontic treatment, the doctor will carefully remove the infected pulp, clean and disinfect the area, enlarge, shape, and fill the root canal system, and seal the access hole with a dental filling. This is the end of the process.

Even though a regular dentist can do a root canal, there are times when access is limited, or the canal system is more complicated. In these cases, a specialist is needed. When this happens, the general dentist usually chooses to send the patient to an endodontist.

Getting a dental root canal can be very painful. Endodontists are highly trained doctors who specialize in treating pain. Because of this, their treatment is known for being smooth, painless, and comfortable.

Treatments for traumatic dental injuries

Accidents can damage or even knock out teeth. No matter how bad the damage is to your tooth, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. 

Endodontists are also experts in treating dental injuries caused by accidents and can fix teeth that have been hurt.

Dental implants

Depending on the tooth decay, the injury, or if the patient has a cracked root, an endodontist may decide that the tooth needs to be pulled.

Dental implants can replace missing teeth because they look and work like natural teeth.

Root canals Surgery

If the root canal treatment on your tooth wasn’t enough to save it, your endodontist might suggest that you have oral surgery.

During surgery, they might find problems that were too small or hard to see during the first dental exam.

Consideration when choosing the Best Endodontics Clinic in Singapore

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best dental clinic:

Offers quality service

When searching for a clinic, your top concern should be: ‘does this clinic provide all the services I would need?’

When committing to a dental clinic, ensure they can address all your potential dental concerns and do a great job. Besides the service, you should also check on the clinic’s history, how it works, and the list of doctors it has.

It is a trusted clinic.

The best way to feel at ease with trusting the clinic you’re eyeing is to check how their patients think about them. That can be easily checked if they have a website or an online page with reviews.

See patients’ testimonials, and if you can reach out to them, do so. Ask about their experience from contacting the clinic or dentist to when they set foot in the clinic to undergo the procedure.

 Stories from your co-patients and medical staff can also speak a lot about the clinic. You may ask your trusted friends for recommendations too!

While at it, remember to check the doctor’s accreditations. Every doctor should have this displayed for their patients to see.

Exhibits a great work attitude

No one wants to feel neglected or unimportant, especially concerning health. Go for clinics, doctors, and medical staff that make you feel comfortable.

Prefer clinics that have better customer service. They should be able to accommodate you and your concerns when you have them.

 They should be easy to reach and know how to manage their customers. Most importantly, they should also be patient and know how to handle their emotions professionally.

Think of possible emergencies, and if you think that the clinic you have in mind would make your emergencies feel less scary, you’re in luck!

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